Zagori water is a very successful Greek brand and a leader in the bottled water market. But bottled water is not a product that consumers always choose consciously. They usually buy what they can easily find in a shop near them and they won’t go out of their way to find or to ask for a specific brand.

Our task was to reintroduce the product’s values to the audience but also to make Zagori the consumer’s conscious choice in bottled water. Zagori was not just another bottled water, it was as unique as its origin and it had to be noticed and acknowledged. So we gave Zagori water a voice to present and defend itself but also to draw our attention to everything important!

We created two 3D animated characters, Vaggelis and his best friend that appear in restaurants and in living rooms whenever we underestimate water or people’s gestures and they humorously demand our attention!

Director: Vardis Marinakis

D.O.P.: Vasilis Klotsotiras

CG and VFX: 3Dreams