Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?  Leonardo DaVinci

In a market of “been there, done that”, a new dimension introduces a vast array of possibilities for creating more immersive experiences than ever before.

Programmers, 3D artists, events specialists and creative minds join forces to offer new experiences through the use of innovative technologies such as AR, RFID, NFC, MoCap, tracking and many others. We develop productions, presentations, promotions and new media, with technology as our ally.

The applications are practically endless, with end products in diverse fields like cinema, TV productions, advertising & corporate, architectural representations, walk-throughs, museums, amusement parks, medical visualizations, gaming, Internet, mobile phones, promotions & events.


  • Augmented Reality – AR links reality to CG elements via camera. Mobile, web apps, events, all created on our own platform.
  • Stereo – Commonly known as 3D. We undertake production, shooting, projections and transformations from 2D to 3D.
  • Motion capture (mechanical/optical) – We use specialized equipment to capture motion and transfer it to custom made avatars or other apps in real time.
  • 3D productions – Created in a 3D environment, with high rendering quality and all forms of animation, particle system manipulation and special effects
  • Wall Mapping Projection – The first ever WMP produced in Athens! We possess both the knowhow and the technology to project animations onto buildings, creating the illusion of the 3rd dimension. Buildings come to life, stories become more vivid, experiences become memorable.
  • Automations programming – We develop simple or highly complex apps that allow the improvement of customer interaction through programming and tracking.
  • Holograms – From free floating elements to advanced tele-presence and beaming events, holograms can create the illusion of the most advanced technologies in action and offers an unforgettable experience with high virality
  • Virtual Reality – Immersive environments that transport the customer into a fully realized, 3D world.
  • Social media apps & mobile apps – From simple to complex, this is the new format for creating low budget traffic to your page or opening the gates to permission marketing through creativity and programming.
  • Render farm services – We offer high performance rendering services for a diverse group of industries.
  • 3D design & architectural photorealism – Industrial design, character creation, concept visualization and high end photorealism are only a few of the applications of 3D design that we offer.


  • A 5 day stereo event in Dubai
  • The first AR app on mobile and fixed installation platforms for municipality elections
  • The first large scale WMP event in Athens
  • The first motion capture interactive event with custom made avatar creation for Allou Fun Park
  • Stereo Productions for Sony Ericsson, ICSS
  • Photorealism apps for several architectural agencies
  • Markerless motion capture combined with social media apps
  • 3D production for Sony Ericsson, Triumph international, Stefi Productions, Publica TV productions, Top Cut productions, JNL+, AKTO, EZA brewery, El. Stat, Bank of Greece, Société Générale, OTE, Hyundai, Drasi, Coral Gas

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