OPAP is what we could call a grand company. Its history, size and successful development over the years, as well as its amazing contribution to the Greek society and economy make it an overwhelming brand to advertise. Our task this year was to present the full spectrum of OPAP’s CSR in a time of crisis and in a time when OPAP itself was about to become fully privatized. So, we chose to do it with tangible facts, with the truly “lucky” numbers-figures that OPAP invests to all aspects of the Greek society.

We used 3D animation and we designed cities where OPAP’s sponsorships and social responsibility programs could be presented as parts of our everyday lives. We made 5 different tv spots, one for each of the 5 “pillars” of its CSR –health, education, society, culture and sports- plus a 6th corporate ad presenting the economical size and importance of OPAP as a major Greek company.

Director: Costantinos Chaidalis

CG: 3Dreams