Triumph is a European intimate apparel brand that has become the market leader in Greece. Having a long and prosperous relationship with Triumph, we wanted to find the best way to represent their recent rebranding. Because Triumph is the top brand among women who value their sensuality but not at the expense of comfort, we decided to focus on feminine confidence and independence.

Working with existing shots from Triumph’s international campaign, we chose vivacious women in seductive poses, but placed great importance on showing that they are also comfortable and content. We “dressed it up” with the beautiful melody of Melina Mamas’s and Michalis Hatzigiannis’s “Love, love, love”, to add a contemporary touch to the retro atmosphere of the video.

The TV spot strikes an ideal balance between the two worlds of eroticism and tranquility and draws a perfect portrait of the modern woman: independent, stylish and confident.