Elpen is the leading Greek pharmaceutical company. We were tasked with building awareness around the brand name and soon realized that while its market penetration was very high, most people were not conscious of which company their particular medicine belonged to. We therefore chose the slogan “Time to get acquainted” for the campaign.

The TV spot shows the world through the eyes of a vial of medicine as it journeys from research labs, through pharmacy drawers and into people’s homes, with the camera focusing on the people who make, distribute and use it. We chose a diverse mix of ages and ethnical backgrounds in order to illustrate the company’s growth and its expansion into all of Greece as well as the European marketplace. This growth is also evident in the voiceover, which illustrates Elpen’s close relationship with its customers; it is thanks to their trust that Elpen can continue to innovate and as it grows it helps them “grow up better”.

Director: Giorgos Zois

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