Augmented Reality & Wall Mapping Projections

Augmented Reality & Wall Mapping Projections

Augmented Reality – A new way of looking at the world

With smart phones and tablets gaining massive popularity, it is now easier than ever to develop eye catching visuals that can be integrated into the customer’s everyday life.

Augmented reality is a live, direct view into an imaginary world layered on top of our own. By superimposing artificial images over real ones through the screen of a smart phone or tablet, mundane, everyday objects gain a fourth dimension and become new gateways for interaction.

Wall Mapping Projection – Bringing entire buildings to life!

3Dreams was the first studio to create a Wall Mapping Projection in Greece in order to celebrate the 70th birthday of the JNL+ advertising company. Using specialized software that interacted with a projector, we created the illusion of vivid, flowing animations that turned a real building in Gazi into a virtual object inhabiting the real world.

Whether it’s building openings, product launches, award ceremonies or anniversaries, a WMP is sure to be the centerpiece of any large event.